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Milan Design Week 2019 (Fuorisalone)

Like every year, right after the beginning of Spring, in April, Milan Design Week arrives… the most awaited and important appointment for design ever.

Milan remains the undisputed world capital of design. From 8 - 14 April this event will be followed by professionals, students, and enthusiasts from all over the world, attracted and amused by the infinity of special events taking place in each one of the different Design Districts of the city.

In short, a huge international festival in which the city becomes the scene of installations, parties, events, all of them for the sake of design, with more than a thousand installations scattered throughout the city in an unprecedented event.

Click here to watch Studiolabo's video of the Fuorisalone

Of course, orienting oneself in such a panorama has absolutely nothing to do with anything alike, especially if you have little time and want to enjoy the best selected and qualitatively most important events of the week. That's why we offer you a valid guide, made by experts in the field, like us, who know the Salone and Fuorisalone as their own pockets!

Our Fuorisalone tours are scheduled on:

- Tuesday, April 9th (2 places available)
- Friday, 12th and Saturday 13th April- still available (minimum 4 people)

For further information: